Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creating an Outdoor Living Area

The best way to create an effective outdoor living space is to analyze the wants and needs of the client and their family and match those necessities to specific solutions. Do they have children? Are there pets? What is the purpose of their landscape? Environmental Concept believes that every client is individual. Every situation and family that we have encountered has been different, but for the most part, the common factor is a wanting a comfortable livable space and outdoor extension of their home.

If the main purpose of the outdoor area is for entertaining, create a focal point by incorporating a fire pit or built-in kitchen for company to gather around. Aim for inviting.

The landscaped area should welcome guests to stay a while. Plan for the amount of guests your client typically accommodates.

If possible, use versatile seating arrangements.

Don’t limit your outdoor living space to only hardscaped terrain. Hardscape typically designates common areas and walkways, but consider permeable paving. Sprouting greens between the pavers not only feels great under your feet, it also allows water to drain to the soil below.

Work with the natural beauty of the environment by letting the terrain and region make decisions. Native planting incorporates indigenous vegetation that thrives in local areas. In turn, native plants require less water and maintenance than typical landscapes.

Always apply inspiration from the home’s architecture and design to the outdoor and stay true to the original style.

Environmental Concept’s philosophy is based upon a goal to restore, beautify & preserve California’s natural spaces for future generations. With a diverse team of professionals, Environmental Concept works to increase awareness about water conservation & sustainable eco-systems using mainly microdrip & weather-based irrigation controllers. For more information, please visit www.envconcept.com.

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