Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Water Features:

Historically, fountains have served as a functional aqueduct, which distributed drinking and bathing water. The Romans took advantage of these practical water features and aesthetically transformed them. Their fountains were decorated with bronze and stone facades of heroes and animals. When we visualize water features today, we still picture an image of the Trevi Fountain. However today, water features have advanced and diversified aesthetically. They are a great modern touch to any landscape, transforming them in a natural and innovative way.

Tania Gybels of Environmental Concept implements water features into her projects with thoughtful ingenuity and practicality. In this Los Angeles residence (above), she cleverly divided the outdoor dining area and the woodland walk with a water feature. She chose a natural stacked stoned finish. As the water trickles down the stacked stones, it creates a tranquil noise barrier from the surrounding urban environment.

When working with more traditional architecture, Tania approached the landscape stylistically. Placing the traditional European replicated fountain at the central axis of the entrance. This divided the space into symmetrical halves making the fountain a striking focal point.

Water features can physically and aesthetically benefit any landscape. Their varied physical forms can make or divide a space. Whether in the form of a wall, border or focal point, their functionality is mutable. Water has an inherently natural aesthetic that heightens the existing tranquility and revitalizing nature of a landscape.
Location will be a key design factor when incorporating a water feature. Make sure to place your water feature in direct sunlight. Water in the shade often looks murky and undesirable. Water glistening in the sunlight will achieve a picturesque presence. Consider the water feature's placement in relation to surrounding noise. It will make the space sound peaceful and disguise all excess noise. Once the location is set, the installation will need to be taken place. For safety and technical reasons, hire a professional to provide adequate plumbing, electricity and lighting. Keeping these tips in mind help achieve an opulent and intimate utopia.

Founded in 1992, Environmental Concept provides landscape design and installation services to the finest residential and commercial properties in Southern California. Environmental Concept has completed projects for the Spelling Mansion, Dustin Hoffman, Roland Emmerich, 3.1 Philip Lim Boutique, the Ambrose Hotel, Sunset Millennium Shopping Center, Hotel Casa del Mar and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Environmental Concept has been featured on HGTV and Oprah. For more information about Environmental Concept visit www.envconcept.com