Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Introducing Weather Based Irrigation

Environmental Concept would like to introduce you to a ground-breaking smart sprinkler control system that gives homeowners an easy way to save 30-70 percent of the landscape water being applied by using the ease and convenience of the personal computer and automatic weather updates from the internet.

Weather based irrigation systems incorporate a wireless controller that syncs with your personal computer daily to automatically adjust the amount of watering based on weather and seasonal conditions. The system saves water and plant replacement costs by stopping the sprinkler system on rainy days, automatically decreasing the watering schedule on cold or humid days, and increasing it on hot and dry days. Once the program is set-up, you can log in and review your water savings and make adjustments if necessary. And, with line sensors installed, the system can tell you if there is a leak or line short and shut down the affected station until a repair is made. Also, there will be an internet service connection available so that we, as your service provider can log on and review your system settings.

This type of controller is now required by state law on all new home construction. The system takes the responsibility of water management away from the maintenance gardener and makes water saving decisions for you based on information regarding weather in your area gathered daily from the internet. If a connection is lost, the controller waters based on manual settings and history of previous seasons. It’s truly revolutionary and cost effective!

                                                                       Photo by Rachel Pasch

This system should pay for itself within one year considering water savings and the rebate available.

Residents within the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California are eligible to qualify for an $80 rebate if the Cyber-Rain system is installed by May 31, 2010, or before rebate funds are depleted. For properties larger than 1 acre, a rebate of $25 per irrigation station is available. Cost for retrofitting an existing irrigation system can be as low as $600.00.

We believe that all of our clientele should be using weather-based irrigation on their properties before the end of 2010. Call us to get a proposal for your weather-based irrigation install soon, so that you can take advantage of the rebate while it’s still available. 

For more information about weather-based irrigation or rebates for the Southern California residents:

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