Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Herb Gardening!

When designing herb gardens I start by making a sun/shade study of the site to determine the best location for my plot. There is usually a need for some type of dividing element or screen, so pineapple and strawberry guava provide a nice natural element for the purpose, as well as giving back to us in the form of the their delicious fruit.

Once my beds are laid out to my satisfaction, I start with the basic herbs that any chef would need; Italian parsley, sweet basil, rosemary, oregano and thyme. Mint is also a basic but should be kept in a pot as it can become invasive.

Some of the more unusual choices I like to incorporate are: tasoi, black kale, winter savory and sorrel. Tatsoi is used as a micro green and is a member of the cabbage family. Black kale has a smooth rich texture and is a nice alternative to green kale. Black kale makes a tasty salad using lemon and olive oil.
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 All images copyright 2012 Sarah Barnard.